Pom Poko announce “This Is Our House”

Having released their album Cheater a year ago to much acclaim, and soon to arrive in the UK for a bunch of live shows, Norway’s Pom Poko today announce news of a brilliant new 4-track EP This Is Our House released 28th January via Bella Union. Of the EP the band say: “This EP is both an afterthought and a peek into the future for us. We are combining new recordings of old songs, old recordings of old songs and new recordings of new songs on it, and it’s kind of a demonstration of all the different identities we feel that Pom Poko can have; hammering fuzz-rock grooves, soft and yearning melodies and deconstructed noisy explorations.” Pom Poko have shared the EP’s opening track “Enduro Corner” which you can here below…

On the track the band say: “This is a song we recorded and finished in Italy, when we were there quite a while ago. We were working very hard, lots of hours every day, and watching movies almost every night. We watched a movie called Free Solo, about a guy climbing a huge mountain without any ropes, and Enduro Corner was the name of a part of the route he was climbing. This is quite a soft and mellow song for us, but we tried to shape it in an interesting way without it becoming too soft and without ruining the nice nerve we thought we had created.”

“The band’s pop-punk sound veers between the grunginess of The Breeders, through jumpy math-rock into Devo-esque weirdness… If you’re in the mood for eccentric eclecticism it’s excellent.” Sunday Times

“Pom Poko are a band who make every few seconds feel like a cliffhanger… ‘Cheater’ is one hell of a trip with a rare band who are singularly themselves. No-one else could do what Pom Poko do.” NME – 4 Stars ****

“Here’s a riotous blast of an album to cheer you up… There is a bit of Pixies’ old ‘loud-quiet, ugly-beautiful’ vibe to keep listeners on their toes.” The Sun – 4 stars ****

“the gleeful abandon of the second album from Norway’s Pomo Poko takes them to more angular, harder-hitting places than their debut… embracing the contrast between frenetic delivery and songs with sweet melodies… With the frequently assaultive Cheater, Pomo Poko have revealed their unfettered selves.” MOJO

 “Over the course of 10 seat-of-the-pants tracks, Pom Poko make a gleeful racket full of catchy, turn-it-up-loud brilliance… A fun, breathlessly exciting record.” HiFi Choice – 4 stars ****

“A glorious mix of frantic and fun… Pom Poko are one of those acts that are a joy to witness live and with Cheater they have managed to harness that energy.” The Line Of Best Fit – 8/10

Pom Poko’s music has an explosive sweetness… Cheater is filled with such unexpected dopamine spikes, the detailed guitar work fitting somewhere between St. Vincent’s Annie Clark and the Pixies’ Joey Santiago.” Bandcamp

Cheater manages to balance fuzzy production logic with heartfelt, cheery pop hooks.” Backseat Mafia – 9/10

Cheater finds Pom Poko stretching and redefining their own unique blend of mangled aesthetics and creating a ruptured post-punk-pop world that’ll leave you staggered and anxious for just one more song.” Beats Per Minute – 8/10