Pavo Pavo share Goldenrod video

Following the success of their critically-heralded debut album Young Narrator In The Breakers and the announcement of their forthcoming sophomore album Mystery Hour (out January 25th through Bella Union), today Pavo Pavo are pleased to share the striking video for their track “Goldenrod”. 

Commenting on the track, the band offer: “Goldenrod came together in an afternoon at the piano – it was kind of the bleakest song I’d written, and when I went to make a demo, I didn’t want to hear my voice so clearly singing those words, it seemed more comfortable coming from some anonymous source. So I sang it at a lower key and pitch shifted my voice up, making a new character come out of the speakers. Then, when a garbled, auto-tuned Eliza joined in a rope of harmony all the way through, it became a sort of alien heartbreak duet, and we didn’t touch the recording anymore, we just put that demo on the record.”

Pavo Pavo is the recording project of Oliver Hill and Eliza Bagg. On their acclaimed 2016 debut, Young Narrator in the Breakers, Eliza’s effervescent soprano was compared to “a lovelorn alien reaching out from the farthest reaches of the galaxy” (Pitchfork), and the elegant, symphonic arrangements were described as “weightless pop that sounds like it was beamed down from a glimmering utopian future.” (Stereogum).

Mystery Hour is a focused, widescreen development. Channelling the narrative drama of Oliver and Eliza’s changing relationship, it is an uncategorizable record that’s both maximal and compact, a fever dream filled with cinematic imagery and rooted in acute emotion, written as the two were separating after a six-year relationship.