John Grant shares mesmerising “County Fair” visuals

Currently in the Top 10 with his new album Boy From Michigan, released last month via Bella Union, John Grant today shares a mesmerising montage video for new single “County Fair” created by visionary filmmaker Jonathan Caouette. Commenting on the track and video Caouette says: “When I was 12, growing up in Texas, I briefly worked at a kid’s theme park that had been around since the 1940s. I would also go to rodeo carnivals and various county fairs, along with Astroworld, an amusement park that you could almost see from my house. There was great joy in those places, but also a darkness. ‘County Fair’ is enigmatic and shimmering. It’s all of these places for me. It’s a song that knows where I live. Thank you to filmmaker Teddy Smith for allowing me to use moments from his film, ‘Abandoned Six Flags Tour’, for this mashup.”

Boy From Michigan affirms John Grant as one of the great singer-songwriters of our time. If there’s a centre ground between the songcraft of Elton John and the sonic experimentalism of Kraftwerk then Grant claims it for his own. His fifth solo album is a work of great power and beauty.” Daily Telegraph – 4 stars **** (Album Of The Week)

Boy From Michigan is Grant’s futuristic vision of his past, filtered through his bleak, witty, lacerating worldview. And it is a delight.” The Times – 4 stars **** (Album Of The Week)

Boy From Michigan has the American fusing the piano-led chamber pop of his early releases with the jagged electronica of his more recent work. Produced by Cate Le Bon, it is dependably doleful and caustic as the singer shines unforgiving light on his troubled upbringing and the cruel joke that is the American dream. On ‘Mike and Julie’, clarinet and synth decorate a lyric about Grant’s first lover, with tenderness and regret coming together in one of his most beautiful melodies.” Sunday Times – Album Of The Week

Boy From Michigan is Grant in panoramic mode, looking back and looking forward to create his biggest picture yet.” MOJO – 4 stars ****

“Vangelis meets Harry Nilsson” Uncut – 8/10

“An expansive and frequently exquisite summation of Grant’s storytelling powers… Boy From Michigan develops as a multi-layered and resonant coming-of-age story-in-songs… These songs cut to the quick with character and feeling, wit and precision.” Record Collector – 4 stars ****

“He takes the idea of pop-as-autobiography to new heights on his remarkable new record” The i News – 4 stars ****

“Formative memories weigh heavy on the dreamy, clarinet-haunted textures of Mike and Julie; the lush, impressionistic amble through the stalls on County Fair, couched in Cocteau Twins guitar glimmer and Beach Boys harmonies, and the Scott Walker-esque piano melancholy of The Cruise Room.” The Observer

“Wildly ambitious and emphatically realised, the new songs represent an ideal marriage of Grant’s strengths – soaring piano-led balladry and angular, rhythmic synth workouts.” The Sun – 4 stars ****

“A brooding reflection on childhood, the auteur expertly taps into Eno and Moroder for sonic inspiration.” Sunday Express – 4 stars ****

“John Grant excels at looking backwards in his songs. His voice is warm and resonant, rising and falling in time to the music like the tidal pull of memories. Luxuriant melodies cast a golden glow over these songs while analogue synthesisers pulse and swoosh like vintage time-travelling contraptions.” Financial Times

“A gorgeously observed working through of personal and national demons.” Loud & Quiet

“A record filled with retro synths and Grant’s lush vocals… Engrossing and bewitching.” Classic Pop

“A beauty… this meditation on an American life holds nothing back” HiFi Choice – 4 stars ****