The Flaming Lips

American Head

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BELLA1052 // 11 September 2020

American Legends The Flaming Lips release their 21st studio album, American Head via Bella Union. The album is comprised of thirteen new cinematic tracks, produced by longtime collaborator Dave Fridmann and The Lips. Among them, God and the Policeman featuring backing vocals from country superstar Kasey Musgraves. American Head takes on a welcome temporal shift that occupies a similar space to that of The Soft Bulletin or Yoshmi Battles the Pink Robots and just may be their most beautiful and consistent work to date.

  1. Will You Return/When You Come Down
  2. Watching The Lightbugs Glow
  3. Flowers Of Neptune 6
  4. Dinosaurs On The Mountain
  5. At The Movies On Quaaludes
  6. Mother I've Taken LSD
  7. Brother Eye
  8. You n Me Sellin' Weed
  9. When We Die When We're High
  10. Assasins Youth
  11. God and the Policeman
  12. My Religion Is You