Whirlwind Of Malevolence

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We’ve all had those nights out. You know the ones: phone dead (or even worse, lost), friends nowhere to be found, and you’ve spilled a drink on the person you’ve been eyeing all night from the other side of the club. Head home, ears still ringing and brain still spinning, to text your ex a maudlin message and wait breathlessly for their reply—which of course never comes. You swear this is the last time, but let’s be honest, being a bit messy is just too much fun, regardless of the consequences.

At its core, Whirlwind of Malevolence, the second album by London-based producer, DJ, and songwriter SONIKKU chronicles one of these epic nights, where everything–the music, the vibes, the people–come together in the just right ways. From the in-your-face busy-signal bounce of album opener “Enter the Chat” to the Eurotrance heartache of “Lipstick Stain”, Whirlwind of Malevolence takes the listener on a journey through a gamut of emotions, all of are masterfully illustrated by intricate beats, high octane melodies, and a true bevy of stellar guest appearances.