E.B. The Younger

To Each His Own

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BELLA877 // 8 March 2019

The current frontman of Texan legends Midlake embraces both past and present times for his glorious debut solo album, To Each His Own, under his new enigmatic alias E.B. The Younger. It’s a deeply personal record, rooted in Pulido’s love of warm, glowing rock, folk and country hues that came of age in the 1970s woven with contemporary recalibrations: guitars ripple, sigh and sizzle alongside gliding keyboards over crisp, choppy and becalmed rhythms. Pulido’s lyrics equally look back and forth, philosophising about his place in the world, the choices he’s made, and where they have taken him.

  1. Used To Be
  2. When The Time Comes
  3. CLP
  4. Down & Out
  5. Don't Forget Me
  6. Out Of The Woods
  7. Monterey
  8. Hope Arrives
  9. On An Island
  10. A Matter Of Time
  11. To Each His Own