The Czars

Some things people said about The Czars:

“Consistently inventive, profoundly moving, and never less than gorgeous, Goodbye is staggering. It’s high time it’s creators stopped being Denver’s best-kept secret.”
– The Guardian – 5 Stars *****

“Songs to break your heart and make you feel great about it… never a word out of place, never a note wasted, and a production so clean you can hear frozen teardrops melt… if Harry Nilsson was produced by Brian Eno it might sound almost as heavenly as this.”
– MOJO – 4 Stars ****

“Long distinguished by John Grant’s superlative baritone, The Czars have now penned a showcase wholly worthy of it. Their third album reeks of wistful, melancholic class… as meticulous and complete-sounding as the best works by Mercury Rev or The Flaming Lips”
– Q – 4 Stars ****

“a richly layered quilt of baroque pop, luxuriantly embroidered by the vivid vocalisms of John Grant… ‘Goodbye’ is as unflinching as anything by Randy Newman and as heart-ripping as primetime Go-Betweens. A sumptuous pop confection with a hard centre.”
– Uncut – 4 Stars **** (lead review)