Heidi Spencer

Wayward traveller, burgeoning filmmaker, striking songstress… all defining characteristics of HEIDI SPENCER whose UK debut album – “Under Streetlight Glow” – will be released on Bella Union records in early 2011. After a stint in film school (a consequence of her desire to hear her music in movies), Spencer embarked on a career of making short films and travelling around America, writing songs and sleeping in cars along the way.

A true-to-life troubadour and self-described eccentric, the songs on “Under Streetlight Glow” are pared-down to the essentials. One can feel a chill wind blow slightly through Spencer’s guitar and piano chords while her distinctive and inviting voice provides warmth for those cold nights the Milwaukee native knows so well. Having drawn comparisons with Dolly Parton, Joanna Newsome and Edie Brickell, all of whom Heidi naturally adores, she’s positioned to align herself among her idols as a true songwriting talent.