Father John Misty

Written largely in New York between Summer 2016 and Winter 2017, Josh Tillman’s fourth Father John Misty LP, God’s Favorite Customer, reflects on the experience of being caught between the vertigo of heartbreak and the manic throes of freedom.

God’s Favorite Customer reveals a bittersweetness and directness in Tillman’s songwriting, without sacrificing any of his wit or taste for the absurd. From “Mr. Tillman,” where he trains his lens on his own misadventure, to the cavernous pain of estrangement in “Please Don’t Die,” Tillman plays with perspective throughout to alternatingly hilarious and devastating effect. “We’re Only People (And There’s Not Much Anyone Can Do About That)” is a meditation on our inner lives and the limitations we experience in our attempts to give and receive love. It stands in solidarity with the title track, which examines the ironic relationship between forgiveness and sin. Together, these are songs that demand to know either real love or what comes after, and as the album progresses, that entreaty leads to discovering the latter’s true stakes.

God’s Favorite Customer was produced by Tillman and recorded with Jonathan Rado, Dave Cerminara, and Trevor Spencer. The album features contributions from Haxan Cloak, Natalie Mering of Weyes Blood, longtime collaborator Jonathan Wilson, and members of Misty’s touring band.

Critical acclaim for Pure Comedy, the previous album from Father John Misty: 

“Hugely impressive… A great deal of the album’s power comes from the way the bleakness of the lyrics is offset by the lusciousness of the melodies and the comforting familiarity of the sound, with its beautifully subtle orchestrations.” The Guardian – 5 Stars ***** (Album Of The Week)

Pure Comedy is quite some trip and one that lifts Father John Misty to another level altogether. It isn’t the first and it won’t be the last album this year attempting to make sense of the state we find ourselves in and the precarious future we face in 2017, but it will likely prove to be the most vivid and fully realised.” MOJO – 5 Stars *****

“Not since Harry Nilsson has a singer managed to turn self-awareness, ironic social comment and real feeling and vulnerability into such potent art.” The Times – 5 Stars *****

Pure Comedy represents a deepening of his artistry.” Uncut – 8/10 (Album of the Month)

“Grandiose, ironic and affecting… An expansive 75 minute state-of-creation survey conducted by a lyricist writing at the height of his powers.” Financial Times – 5 Stars *****

“Tender, considered and unashamedly sprawling at 75 minutes with two 10-minutes plus songs, Pure Comedy is truly beautiful music.” Record Collector – 5 Stars *****

“Josh Tillman performs an astonishing victory lap on this consummate sequel. His Psychedelic Cabaret embraces country and FM heaven to exquisite effect.” The Mirror – 5 Stars *****

 Pure Comedy is a stone-cold classic, for which 2015’s sensational I Love You, Honeybear now seems a mere rehearsal.” Sunday Times – 5 Stars ***** (Album Of The Week)

“Enigmatic and elegiac… The depth and complexity of his music is staggering.” Sunday Express – 5 Stars ***** (Album Of The Week)

“A beautiful, illuminating masterpiece… One of the greatest modern songwriters.” NME – 5 Stars ***** (Album Of The Week)

 “The golden boy of Americana laughs in the face of Armageddon… Pure Comedy is delivered with wit and warmth.” Q – 4 Stars ****

“Tillman is in control of a voice that’s full of empathy, and knockout lines for making this life bearable.” Loud & Quiet – 8/10

“A clever, despairing paean to everything that is wrong… There are moments here that are truly affecting.” The Observer (Album Of The Week)

“A tour de force… Pure Comedy’s lushly beautiful Laurel Canyon balladry scores a mordant thesis on how the world’s gone wrong.” Mail On Sunday – 4 Stars ****

“One of America’s most unmistakeable singer-songwriters… The songs demand close attention but they repay in kind.” Evening Standard – 4 Stars ****

“A sprawling, enigmatic diatribe on the state of humanity, Pure Comedy tackles a bewildering array of themes with wry humour.” Daily Mail – 4 Stars ****

“An absorbing album… A bleak and bitter survey of modern times.” The i Paper – 4 Stars **** (Album Of The Week)

“A marvellous opus.” The Sun – 4.5/5

“Absorbing, clever and amazing – there’s not many lyricists who address so many themes within the space of a single record.” Louder Than War – 9/10

Pure Comedy furthers Misty’s grasp of more traditional song craft and melodies, and Jonathan Wilson’s production is perfect… A rich album.” Shindig – 4 Stars ****

“It’s clever. It’s witty. It’s beautiful. God only knows how he does it.” Esquire

“His observations are so astute, so darkly funny that they make an album that could easily wind up preachy into a strange black comedy.” DIY – 4 Stars ****

“A beautiful and foreboding soundtrack for the end of civilisation.” DORK – 4 Stars ****