Clarence Clarity

“I’m ready to die” – The Notorious B.I.G

NO NOW is Clarence Clarity’s mantra – a reminder of the flexibility of the absurd universe he was thrown into. It is his interpretation of love and fear and life and death from one end of his brain to the other – no stone left unturned, and is in part, a revenge story.

Clarence Clarity’s life journey stops at this album, He has no human condition left after this, and no idea if or where he will go from here.

Clarity fears nothing.

“I’d like this to inspire people to go for broke, to feel no shame in ‘putting it all out there’. I wouldn’t worry about leaving a mark on this Earth; the universe does not give a shit about Mozart, Einstein or Jesus Christ. And even less about you. But when I’m lying somewhere dying I’d like to have something exciting flash before my eyes, and not feel like I’ve been a complete pussy. I’m happy now, are you?”

NO NOW is also in part a search, a search for what he has to offer the world, the search for freedom from chaos, for clarity in the manufactured soul we call our lives.

“When I’m in the grips of creativity I feel so close to finding the order in chaos. A Godliness, transcending all crises.”

Is pretence is our default position ?

As we go about our day to day lives being sold the dream again and again

Fueled by branding and sloganning for us all to believe in (see Jesus Christ, Ghandi, Hitler et al).

Dream, and achieve, its easy if we all pretend.

“You and I will never know. No one will, so you can just fake a side and fill your boots with iconography. I am a shapeshifting reptilian chosen-one. That’ll do me, find my happiness in the symmetry of a 5-point inverted pentagram.”

Let Clarence Clarity’s nows be your no now.

Clarence Clarity is the creator and destroyer of all his worlds. Burn it all.