Chimes & Bells

Chimes & Bells is the brainchild of 26 year old Danish singer and cellist Cæcilie Trier. The classically trained multi-instrumentalist has long been a major part of the Copenhagen indie scene, performing with several renowned bands including the highly acclaimed Choir Of Young Believers. However, with Chimes & Bells, she submerges into her own song-writing for the first time.

Formed in 2008, Chimes & Bells was quickly signed to local Copenhagen indie label Tigerspring and the debut EP ”Into Pieces Of Wood” was released in Denmark in February 2009 to rave reviews. The band had played just a handful of shows in their homeland before going to London in early July to perform at The Wireless Festival in Hyde Park and they are currently preparing to make their international debut with legendary UK label Bella Union.

The music of Chimes & Bells defies formal genre definitions, but contains elements of noise rock, art pop, shoegazer and r&b. On “Into Pieces Of Wood” slow, brooding and circular song structures are seamlessly intertwined with dark, gleaming ”diamond-in-the-rough” pop melodies and climatic explosions of melodic noise rock. Cæcilies deep, booming, soulful voice – almost a force of nature in itself – combined with the shuffling, gritty and organic groove of the band, creates a hauntingly beautiful and highly alluring soundscape, centered around layered vocal harmonies, cello, organ, guitar, bass and drums.

While ”Into Pieces Of Wood” focused on arrangements and melodies growing out of a single note from a cello or keyboard, resulting in a hypnotic, almost meditative style, new and upcoming material embraces pop structures and catchy melodies to a new degree, and introduces elements of roots r&b and a ramshackle, almost bluesy minimalism. The band is currently working on new recordings and a full length album is expected in early 2010.