SONIKKU Debuts “Enter The Chat” Featuring R&B Singer BAYLI

Following from last year’s dance-floor focused EP ‘MOLG’, SONIKKU returns to pop teaming up with NYC based R&B singer BAYLI. Inspired by early Cassie singles, “Enter The Chat“ fuses hip-hop with SONIKKU’s signature sound design.

“To me Enter The Chat is minimalistic and detailed in its production, the distorted and dial-up tone sounding synth that percolates throughout the song has an ear worm-like simplicity to it that blends effortlessly with BAYLI’S equally laid back yet feisty hook-driven vocal delivery. It was really fun to work on this track with BAYLI, an artist whose music I love.” SONIKKU

“From the bouncy pop of tracks, like lead single “Lifestyle” and “Megalomaniac,” to the trance-y towers of synths in “Geopolitics” and the relentless techno of “Oligarch,” SONIKKU flexes his full raving prowess. MOLG sounds like the chrome-plated soundtrack of a video game from the mid-2000s.” PAPER MAG

“The young artist is renowned for creating some of the most mind-bending underground pop to date.” DANCEWAX