Happy Release Day Sophie Jamieson

Today, Sophie Jamieson releases her highly anticipated and already much acclaimed debut album Choosing via Bella Union. To coincide with the release Jamieson has announced news of 4 x UK headline shows in February including a London performance at St Pancras Old Church. Additionally, Jamieson has shared a video for “Boundary”, one of album’s many standout tracks, about which she says: “This song comes from a kinder place than some of the others on this record. It steps back and acknowledges self-inflicted pain and the repeated effort to heal. It’s about trying and failing, knowing there is something you’re trying to grasp but that keeps slipping out of your reach. The journey isn’t smooth or pretty but it’s hopeful, and the light starts to creep in once you choose to be honest with yourself.”

Early acclaim for Choosing:

“’Enthralling… a remarkable match of intimacy and intensity… consistently startling and affecting.” Uncut – 9/10

“A raw, intimate, brilliant debut, falling somewhere between Sharon Van Etten, Lisa Germano and PJ Harvey… Her torch-song voice is often exposed by spare arrangements, but songs also burst into euphoric life, like exorcisms… every second is disarming and beautiful.” MOJO – 4 stars ****

“Jamieson moves seamlessly between minimal arrangements where her vocal is the focal point, before the instrumentation becomes suddenly exhilarated, as it does on the thrilling opener ‘Addition’. Jamieson and co-producer Steph Marziano expertly build tension within these vast compositions.” Loud & Quiet

Released via her new home at Bella Union, Choosing is a strikingly personal document of a journey from a painful rock bottom of self-destruction, to a safer place imbued with the faint light of hope. It’s an album that sings openly of longing and searching, of trying, failing, and trying again – and always and throughout, the strength of love in so many varying forms.

Following on from the pair of EPs she released in 2020, Choosing finds its own shape by a subtle reforming of Jamieson’s sound into something both organic and simpler. Sophie describes the songs on those two EPs as “black holes” and while Choosing covers similar ground it never takes its eye away from what lies beyond, never fully releases its grip even when everything is telling her to let go. 

“The title of this album is so important,” Sophie explains. “Without it, this might sound like another record about self-destruction and pain, but at heart, it’s about hope, and finding strength. It’s about finding the light at the end of the tunnel, and crawling towards it.”

Produced and engineered by long-time collaborator Steph Marziano (Ex:Re, Lapsley, Hayley Williams) and mixed by Isabel Gracefield, Choosing asks the listener to look deep within their own selves, to show them that they can take whatever pain they’re experiencing, and choose, to some extent, how they let it affect them; whether they let it burn them down or whether they choose to look it straight in the face.