Happy Release Day Penelope Isles

To celebrate the release of their new album Which Way To Happy, out today via Bella Union with the physical release following on 21st January,Penelope Isles have shared a video to current single and album highlight “Terrified”. The track is a reflection on anxiety set to a dreamy sunburst of psychedelic jangle-pop while the colourful video features frontman Jack Wolter getting the full clown makeover. Of the video Jack says: “We wanted to capture some kind of juxtaposition within the video for “Terrified”. The manic, hurried face-painting getting slapped on but with me singing almost bored and spun-out in real-time. A funny, supposed-to-be-joyful clown framed in a wonky black and white frame. The instrumentation of the song is very much the polar opposite to what I’m singing about and so we tried to continue this theme in the video. We also wanted something visually a little less busy and intense than the other videos we have shared from the album.

“Jack and Lily Wolter balance the bitter and the sweet with real delicacy on the follow-up to their 2019 debut… An endearing mixture of emotional wobble and creative confidence, Which Way To Happy is on exactly the right track.” MOJO

“Festooned with macroscopic, reverb-smitten production and sumptuous orchestral arrangements, Which Way To Happy balances the raw confessionalism of its lyrics with the lavish ethereality of sound… A genuinely healing listen; an album to get cosy with while its music lovingly soaks your wounds.” DIY – 4 stars ****

“Widescreen, expansive stuff, given added scale by Dave Fridmann’s mix. ‘Rocking At The Bottom’ mixes jangle and shoegaze with a dose of the Bunnymen at their most grandiose, while ‘Play It Cool’ is irresistible retro-pop. The stately psych stroll of ‘Sailing Still’ and woozy glide of ‘Pink Lemonade’ are both dreamy high points.” Shindig – 4 stars ****

“This sibling duo’s forthcoming album Which Way to Happy builds further upon their explorations of sound, unbound to the constraints of style. The result is a cohesive grab bag of influences ranging from The Smiths to Tame Impala.” Paste

“Cause for joy as winter looms… Which Way To Happy is sprawling and multi-coloured and really, really big, though ultimately hugely friendly – maybe like the creatures from Maurice Sendak’s Where The Wild Things Are seen through an acid prism.” Backseat Mafia – 8.5/10