Modern Nature share How To Live? short film

Along with an announcement of new live dates in December and March, including a performance at London’s Omeara, Modern Nature today present How To Live?, a short film conceptualized by Jack Cooper. It follows their debut album, How To Live, which is out now on Bella Union. Cooper describes the film below:

“We recorded How To Live in July 2018. I’d spent the previous few months fleshing out my idea for the record, writing the songs and then Will and I built it all up in the spring. When we started tracking, we asked our friend James Sharp to come along and film us recording. I suppose there were some delusions of grandeur and a vague intention to make some kind of documentary that might help explain to people what we were aiming at. When we finished and time passed, the footage went on the back burner because we thought the album really spoke for itself. This short film and the music that accompanies it is meant to be something of a companion piece to the record… it’s nice to look back and see a snapshot of a band that had only really existed for two weeks in July 2018, before it evolved into something else.”

The richness of the ideas in the songs on How To Live is matched by the resonance of the music. The compositions of Cooper and Will Young (Beak>) gain skin and muscle through the thoughtful cello of Rupert Gillett, the insistent drumming of Aaron Neveu (Woods), and the expressive saxophone ofJeff Tobias (Sunwatchers). 

Catch Modern Nature live this year and next in Europe and North America.