Birthday tribute to Ivor Raymonde

Bella Union’s Simon Raymonde remembers his father Ivor Raymonde on his birthday…

Ivor was born on this day 93 years ago and as we are about to release the second compilation of some of his work, I wanted to celebrate the day with this photo of us looking miserable on holiday. But thankfully we were mostly very happy! 

Although he died young and left us all bereft, he did leave us with a bewildering array of music. Whether he was singing, playing arranging or producing, he did it all with class. He was from an era where you never turned down work if offered and up till the 80’s when synths took much of the arrangers’ work away, he was always busy. From humble beginnings busking in the east end, to playing jazz on the Queen Mary, from  being an extra in Hancock’s Half Hour to working with icons like Dusty, Bowie and The Walker Brothers, he left his mark not just on the world of music, but his wife and his four children. We all loved him dearly. Happy Birthday old man x