Jonathan Wilson debuts two new tracks

Ahead of a solo UK tour this Autumn, renowned artist/producer Jonathan Wilson has shared his first new music since last year’s critically acclaimed opus Rare Birds. Today he unveils the double–A–side single of “So Alive” and “Skinny Legs”. Of lead track “So Alive” Wilson says: “So Alive is a rumination on a love that arrived perfectly in tune and on time, a reunion really, as the song says that is both familiar and ‘from the unreal’. I sing that there are angels still among us and I believe that wholeheartedly…. It was one of the first things we cut with Mark O’ Connor, Dennis Crouch, and the rest of the band (Drew Erickson, Kenny Vaughn, Pat Sansone and Jon Radford). We cut it all live at Cowboy Jack Clement’s Sound Emporium Studio in Nashville. Nothing is overdubbed on the track.”

Jonathan Wilson spent most of 2018 on the road, away from home supporting Rare Birds as well as performing in Roger Waters’ Us + Them band as singer/guitarist. The homesickness he felt from being away so long was not for his home and studio in Los Angeles, but a deeper feeling. He missed the South. He missed home. Jonathan was born and raised in North Carolina. When Jonathan finally did return to LA, it was to pack up his LA home and studio. With nowhere to work in LA and over 20 songs, he flew to Nashville to make a record that would help Wilson recapture his innate love of American music.  The music he would play with his dad and his dad’s friends as a kid growing up in the South surrounded by bluegrass, country, and more. He recruited his favourite and some of the most legendary session players to join him including Mark O’Connor,  Dennis Crouch, Kenny Vaughn, Jim Hoke, Russ Pahl, Pat Sansone and Jon Radford, and recorded everything live. The as–yet–untitled album is slated for release some time in Spring 2020.

Catch Jonathan Wilson on tour this year. Dates found HERE.