Modern Nature share Nature video

Following rave reviews for their debut album, How To Live, out this week via Bella Union, and soon to head out on a headline UK tour, Modern Nature have shared a video for the track “Nature”. Of the video director Conan Robert says: “I’d been out filming Brighton Day of Dance earlier in the year, where Morris teams from all over the country come and spend the day dancing and drinking outside various pubs. It was more out of curiosity of this slightly bizarre British tradition than anything else. Jack Cooper saw some of the footage and thought it could be a great accompaniment to one of the tracks from the album. I cut the Morris footage and then independently cut the landscape footage before compositing the two. It was more an experiment in how the two images may or may not work together, exploring the synergy of the dancers movements alongside the shapes of nature.” 

Critical acclaim for How To Live, out now on Bella Union:

“There’s a real ambition to Modern Nature’s debut album. Pastoral prog and horizon–chasing Krautrock push onwards, while organ drone and saxophone add to the exploratory mood.”

Q – 4 stars ****

“An open and expansive project, manifested in a sound that lashes woody, folky textures to an insistent motorik pulse.” Uncut ­– 8/10

“A creative evolution from Cooper’s previous music, with a quiet new clarity and purpose at play.” MOJO – 4 stars ****

“Jack Cooper has struck gold with his latest band, finding the missing link between Fairport Convention and Kraftwerk… A quietly atmospheric, transporting collection.” The Times – 4 stars ****

“Combining pulsing motorik beats with textured, pastoral folk, Modern Nature weave their compelling magic… This is a debut to savour.” The Sun – 4 stars ****

“An album that takes the listener from a tense urban first half to a more restful rural ending… They are at their best on ‘Footsteps’, a fabulous blend of vocals, motorik drums and sax.” Sunday Times

“Lovely tunes… Krautrock–ishly propulsive with the bucolic qualities of The Beatles’ Mother Nature’s Son and elsewhere recalling the otherworldly pop of Talk Talk.” Mail On Sunday – 4 stars ****

“On their smart, subdued debut, Jack Cooper and Will Young prize delicacy over punchy pop melodies, offsetting soft vocals with dissonant brass and background buzz.” The Guardian

“Blending pastoral psyche–folk with urban drones, burbling motorik melodies, and some mellow jazz skronk, the resulting late–night mix is laser–targeted for those who have Talk Talk, the Notwist and Yo La Tengo forever playlisted in their hearts… A confident, considered but above all gorgeous debut.” Record Collector – 4 stars ****

“Taking their cues from the tender falsetto of Nick Drake, the free-form rhythms of Alice Coltrane and the rattling guitars of Radiohead, Modern Nature’s debut is a sprawling journey through an imagined natural landscape.” The Observer 

“An endearing debut… Modern Nature feel like a long–lost cousin of Talk Talk or Wooden Shjips, as they combine simple guitars with motorik beats, soft synth pads and saxophone improvisations… Jack Cooper’s understated vocals only add to the album’s blissful allure… A compelling listen.” DIY – 4 stars ****

“Planted somewhere between Talk Talk and Tuung, the spacious arrangements, hushed vocals and dashes of saxophone and cello make their debut feel like a breath of fresh air.” Electronic Sound

“Jack Cooper and Will Young’s compositions don’t kick out the jams, they hypnotically stir them as a fortune teller would a cup of tea.” Shindig – 4 stars ****

“Takes the listener from an urban environment to rural escapism, the ten tracks here weave together pastoral ballads with gently looped guitars, Krautrock and atmospheric electronica.” Loud & Quiet