E.B. The Younger shares two new songs

With his debut solo album To Each His Own due for release8th March, and about to head off on a UK tour with John Grant, E.B. The Younger (aka Eric Pulido from Midake) has shared two new tracks from the LP: “When The Times Comes” and “Down & Out”.

Of ‘When The Times Comes’ Pulido says: “This was one of the first tunes we recorded on the album before we knew exactly how the sound and vibe would round out. I had the reference of a Desperado-era Eagles vibe and I was really pleased with how it came out. A little bit country, a little bit (folk) rock n roll, and the lyrics took on some fun personal digs at myself… my favourite pastime.” About the track ‘Down And Out’ he adds: “My Midlake bandmate Joey McClellan was recording with Elle King here in town at a great studio called The Echo Lab and she asked him if anyone had a spare acoustic guitar to try. I of course offered mine up to use. When returned I pulled out the guitar to work on some writing, gave it a strum, and found it was in an open G tuning. I’d never written in that tuning but decided to give it a whirl. I wrote the bones of the tune right there and finished out the lyrics the day we tracked with producers Jonathan Tyler and Matt Pence. I wanted it to have a little dose of the country western music I grew up on.”

E.B. The Younger will be heading off on tour with Bella Union label mate John Grant for the next two weeks before returning for 3 headline shows in April. Upcoming live info can be found here