Pavo Pavo share new song “Statue Is A Man Inside”

Following the success of their critically-heralded debut album Young Narrator In The Breakers, Pavo Pavo are pleased to today share enchanting new track “Statue Is A Man Inside”. Sung by the band’s co-founders and creative core Oliver Hill and Eliza Bagg, “Statue Is a Man Inside” proves a gorgeous, widescreen beauty, channelling wistful, charged and desolate moods. Listen to below…

Oliver writes of the track: “Statue is a Man Inside got its start in the couple months after Eliza and I split up – it was around the same moment that our first record came out and we started touring, and all the changes at once conspired to create this uncanny feeling, a hardening of the boundaries between me and the rest of the world. I thought of two marble statues, cracking and bleaching in the sun, maybe with eyes and fingers that can still move like a human being. We sang the words to each other at the organ, and as we started playing it with the band, an interesting thing happened where the louder and lusher the arrangement got, the more intimate the singing felt. So we kept elevating and orchestrating the track, trying to make it a spiritualization of our quietest, most inward thoughts.”

“Statue Is a Man Inside” is the first showing of the sophomore album from the US quintet, more details forthcoming. According to Oliver, “The first record paid a lot of attention to texture and atmosphere, creating a feeling, whereas with this one we were less focused on styles and more focused on songs, melodies and stories. We tried to bring clarity to each musical idea, making it the most tactile and three-dimensional version of itself we could.”

Pavo Pavo is the project of Oliver Hill and Eliza Bagg. Since the release of their debut, the two musicians have immersed themselves in collaborations of all kinds, mostly at the intersection of classical and pop music. As a soprano, Eliza has worked closely on new music with John Zorn, Caroline Shaw, and Michael Gordon, and is a member of the GRAMMY-winning vocal ensemble Roomful of Teeth. Oliver has arranged strings for tracks by the Dirty Projectors, Beck, and Wet, and is a member of Kevin Morby’s touring band.

Pavo Pavo will play in Brooklyn, NYC at Baby’s All Right on Saturday, May 12th.