Philip Selway shares new single “Walk” featuring Lou Rhodes

To celebrate today’s digital release of his new album Let Me Go, the soundtrack to the film of the same name which is on general release this month, PHILIP SELWAY has shared “Walk”, one of the LP’s stand–out tracks. Featuring the distinctive voice of Lou Rhodes, the sole guest vocalist on the album, the track is streaming below…

Let Me Go is based on Austrian-born Helga Schneider’s memoir of the same name. She was just four years old when her mother Traudi walked out, never to return, in order to train as a guard in Germany’s concentration camps. Helga never knew the truth until, as an adult, she decided to track her mother down in Vienna, to discover not only the horror of the past, but also of Traudi’s unashamedly proud memories of the most notorious camp of all, Auschwitz-Birkenau. Helga wouldn’t return to Vienna until thirty years later, when news arrived: Traudi was dying. Helga returned, for the sake of closure, and hoping her mother had finally repented. 

Mirroring the film’s haunted and intimate nature, Selway’s score is grounded in strings and piano, plus guitar, electronics, musical saw, glockenspiel and bowed vibraphone, and the occasional use of bass and drums, creating a paradoxical sense of beauty and unease. The album will be released physically on 27th October via Bella Union.