Pavo Pavo share “No Mind” video

Today Brooklyn experimental pop band Pavo Pavo are pleased to share their striking video for track “No Mind”, taken from their their stunning debut album Young Narrator in the Breakers that was released in November of 2016 on Bella Union. Watch the video via the link below…

The band comment on the video: “No Mind’ started as a concept by our own Eliza Bagg, a take on the classic performance music video – one with an abstract narrative and dance choreography. She pictured a bleak, digital space, her own character a sort of rebellious and emotional siren of truth dancing and singing songs of real connection while the rest of the band grew increasingly complacent and robotic within the artificial and colorful confines. We took her initial ideas to friend and director Jon Appel who guided us through the collaborative process of adapting and bringing the ideas to life. Building off of the characters of the other videos for ‘Young Narrator in the Breakers’, we ultimately arrived at an amalgamation – and Eliza’s return to the sunshine on her White Cloud Chrysalis.”

Pavo Pavo’s wistful and labyrinthine debut was met with critical acclaim: Pitchfork compared it to “a lovelorn alien reaching out from the farthest reaches of the galaxy” while The Guardian drew parallels to “Brian Wilson running amok in the BBC radiophonic workshop.”

“Pavo Pavo’s escapism feels cozy, uplifting, and wholly appropriate.” – Pitchfork

“Sublime, synthy, slow-burners echoing a bittersweet autumn from years past.” – New York Magazine

“Weightless pop music that sounds like it was beamed down from a glimmering utopian future” -Stereogum

Young Narrator in the Breakers is available now on Bella Union.