Beach House share “Chariot” video

The video for “Chariot,” directed by the band, is a rumination on the creation, cultivation, and confusion of narratives in media. Watch now below:

The “Chariot” video comes from Beach House’s B-Sides and Rarities album, a 14-track compilation of songs from throughout their career so far, out June 30th. The album features 2 previously unreleased tracks “Chariot” and “Baseball Diamond,” which were recorded during the  Depression Cherry and Thank Your Lucky Stars sessions (both Depression Cherry and Thank Your Lucky Stars were released, 2 months apart, in 2015)

Beach House says of the release, “When we announced that we were releasing a B-sides and rarities album, someone on Twitter asked, ‘B-sides record? Why would Beach House put out a B-sides record? Their A-sides are like B-sides.’ This random person has a point. Our goal has never been to make music that is explicitly commercial. Over the years, as we have worked on our 6 LPs, it wasn’t the ‘best’ or most catchy songs that made the records, just the ones that fit together to make a cohesive work. Accordingly, our B-sides are not songs that we didn’t like as much, just ones that didn’t have a place on the records we were making.”

“The idea for a B-sides record came when we realised just how many non-album songs had been made over the years, and how hard it was to find and hear many of them. This compilation contains every song we have ever made that does not exist on one of our records. There are 14 songs in total.”

B-Sides and Rarities will be released 30th June via Bella Union in the UK/Europe and Sub Pop in the US.