Charlie Coxedge shares new track “Be”

Having just announced his debut album “Cloisters” last week + sharing the title track, Charlie Coxedge is back with another beautiful new soundscape titled “Be”. The MONEY guitarist describes “Be” in his own words: “The origins of “Be” came from the initial period where I was first playing around with making music by myself.  I was experimenting with layers, textures, different sounds and loops, and working out what was possible both physically for me in a live sense, and sonically from the instruments available at the time.  Of course, the music wouldn’t have lasted if it didn’t also evoke some sort of emotional response, which is ultimately the most important aspect for me.

‘Cloisters’, as the album title suggests, is about finding those secluded spaces, those empty archways where we hear the echoes of ourselves, and finding some peace within the solitude.  As so often happens in these empty spaces, thoughts enter and start to repeat themselves in our minds, bouncing off the walls until a new thought joins in, until all these different ideas are intertwined with each other, playing out in an almost endless cycle.

The music of Cloisters comes from these spaces, from moments of solitude found in childhood homes, walks through the city or even in memories – remembered spaces that invoke a certain feeling or atmosphere.

Recorded mostly in two different studios in Liverpool, with some bedroom recordings thrown in for good measure, everything on Cloisters was performed by Coxedge, simply using the studios to effectively capture the many layers and textures.  The sounds of the record, and the layers that build them, are as much about the spaces they create as the spaces they fill.

“I’ve always been a bit of a collector of effects pedals, and have used them subtly within MONEY to enhance our sound, both on record and live – making loops, drones etc – but with this solo work I really get to expand on that, and a lot of the music comes from playing around with different sounds.” – Charlie Coxedge

‘Cloisters’ will be released via Bella Union on 26th May 2017.