Happy Release Day Baloji

Today at Bella Union we are celebrating the release of BALOJI‘s EP 64 bits & Malachite which is available now via the label. Of Congolese origin and based in Belgium, Baloji is a poet, composer, lyricist, beatmaker, scriptwriter, actor, video artist and stylist. His music stands at the crossroads of African music, rap, the French singer-songwriter tradition, afro-american music (soul, funk, jazz) discovered via hip hop culture and sampling; and electronic music (trance, deep house) which was prevalent in the region of Belgium where Baloji grew up. Check out the video for ‘Unité & Litre’ – filmed in the Congo & directed by Baloji – via the link below:

Baloji means “man of science” in Swahili, but during the colonial period that meaning shifted to “man of the occult sciences and sorcery”. By placing his resilience at the centre of his work, Baloji reconciles all these influences to enrich his creative projects. “64 bits & Malachite” offers a musical style based in these cross-fertilisations and collaborations, unbridled and freed from the labels of “genres”. 

64 bits is the current reference for processors. It evokes the idea of built-in obsolescence; how previous versions, even if they still function, are designed to become useless. Malachite is a green-layered stone found in Katanga (DRC Congo). 64 Bits & Malachite mines our operating systems: it is a metaphor of our era, a melody of diaspora; a nomadic music between encounters and collisions.

Baloji has a number of upcoming European headline shows and festival appearances throughout the Autumn, including yesterday’s Iceland Airwaves appearance. Later that month he’ll also be visiting these shores, headlining the Moth Club in Hackney. Date/info below:

Thursday 24th November – LONDON – Moth Club tickets

64 bits & Malachite is available now via Bella Union. Download on iTunes. EP artwork below: