Doomsquad share “Who Owns Noon In Sandusky” video

Amidst their live European dates, Doomsquad are pleased to share with you a video for album track “Who Owns Noon In Sandusky”…

A blade to the eye
brings more to see.
Fire in the sky,
dance through me.
The songs of a child
come back to mind.
The prose of the wild,
crystallize time.
Dance through me.

‘Who Owns Noon in Sandusky’ is a call to all those who want to be naked and surrender to a single still moment, to reclaim time through dance. It was the first song we made while writing Total Time, and it ultimately became the album’s opening cut. It’s a straight up dance track that gets us into a space where we are open to exploring our personal relationships against a background of movement, consciousness, and physical form. The whole album is somewhat related to understanding circadian rhythm, and ‘Who Owns Noon’ set our path for seeing and breathing into all ideas about Total Time.

‘Who owns noon?’ is a quote we heard that originated from a rally in Sandusky, Ohio. Basically, the railway company was trying to standardize a schedule for the trains to follow, which meant that the existing time being kept in Sandusky had to change. Citizens of Sandusky organized a rally attempting to reclaim ‘their’ time, shouting, ‘Who owns noon in Sandusky?’ ‘We do!’ ‘We own noon in Sandusky! We do!’

Words from director:

Jesi was performing her mind-bending yoga series in Mexico City when she decided to adventure south with a bag full of costumes she hand sewed on the way. Her
destination was to return to all of the towns she’s lived in while making her traditionally animated works. However, this time the objective was to animate herself within those spaces and allow her experiences to manifest into a video of its own. Incorporating her two favourite dancing partners she met at salsa clubs, every costume was a reflection of the space it was filmed in and the materials she would find there. The video was shot with an iPod and a selfie stick stuck to a chair and other times held with the assistance of her visiting mother, a traveling photographer, and a powerful witch she met in the mountains.