Tasseomancy share video for ‘Missoula’

Following the announcement of their new album Do Easy that will see release on November 18th through Bella Union (and Hand Drawn Dracula in Canada), Toronto twin sister duo Tasseomancy (formerly of Austra) have shared the alluring, self-directed video for track “Missoula” via i-D. Showcasing the versatility and range of sisters Romy and Sari Lightman, “Missoula” proves beguiling in its simplicity, a transient’s anthem, referencing the plight of Hebraic wanderers. The band explain…

“Missoula is a song for the roaming and an ode to the Unknown. There are so many transient people on the planet today, both fleeing and voluntarily in motion. I can’t speak for their experience, but as an artist, I find myself moving often. There is the desire to stay, the urge for going, and the split feelings of being a floating, uprooted bag of mostly water. Missoula has a repetitive Hebraic melody at it’s center, coming from a lineage of wandering Jews. A nod to one of my favorite Pentangle recordings, Let no man steal your thyme.”

The video transmits the song through the lens of a surreal weather newscast, replete with whimsicalcostuming, symbolic imagery and dancing.

“Tasseomancy have added a bit of magic to the mundane, injecting the pop stratosphere with their own transfixing blend of influence.” –i-D

“Glowing, dreamy retro-pop song, undercut with a little bit of melancholy” –FADER

“subtly beautiful” -The Line of Best Fit

“Creatively endearing and delightfully unsettling as Kate Bush herself–Consequence of Sound