Fiona Brice shares Gonjasufi ‘Glastonbury’ remix

Few CVs are as illustrious as that of Fiona Brice. It spans orchestral arrangements for artists such as John Grant, Anna Calvi, Midlake, Placebo, Vashti Bunyan and Jarvis Cocker, scores for concert performances by Roy Harper and Gemma Ray, and violin performances for the likes of Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé. Having released her debut album ‘Postcards From’ earlier this Summer, Fiona Brice is back collaborating but this time on something rather different. Friday 26th August will see the release of her new digital EP featuring five remixes of tracks from her debut album. The remixes come from an array of established artists including Gonjasufi, whose most recent album came out last week on WARP, and Stefan Olsdal, whom many will recognise from his years with Placebo.

Today we are pleased to share with you the Gonjasufi remix of ‘Glastonbury, premiering now on Clash.

Full EP details are listed below…

1. Berlin (Donato Dozzy Montecirceo Remix)

‘Berlin’ is reworked by acclaimed Italian techno DJ/producer Donato Dozzy into an epic 11 minute ambient cut that builds upon the track’s string arrangements and transports it from its urban origins in Berlin to the isolated beauty of Monte Circeo in Italy – incorporating fieldrecordings by Donato himself.

2. Dallas (Digital 21 + Stefan Olsdal Remix)

The visceral electronica that Digital 21(aka Miguel López Mora) + Stefan Olsdal (Placebo) bring to ‘Dallas’ only heightens the foreboding solemnity of the piano and voices that underscore the original. As Stefan says, “There is a pulse to every musical world, and the one in the beautifully dark and eerie ‘Dallas’ is what we wanted to be a part of. Its blood runs thick, and that’s how we like it”.

3. Glastonbury (Gonjasufi Remix) 

Lo-fi experimental artist and producer Gonjasufi (WARP) deconstructs the spiralling, hedonistic ‘Glastonbury’, leaving us with an intoxicating and fractured shadow in its place.

Brice explains the beginnings of their collaboration: “I discovered Gonjasufi’s music via John Grant who played me “Kowboyz & Indians” and I was immediately drawn to his groove-based psychedelia, which couldn’t really be further from my own orchestral sound. A remix of “Glastonbury” provided the ideal opportunity to bring these musical worlds together.”

4. Paris (Olivia Louvel Multiplié Remix)

Parisian-born electronic producer & artist Olivia Louvel was the obvious choice to remix ‘Paris’. She deconstructs the loop, freeze-framing the harmonic progression to consider single chords, adding a fragmented vocal and playing with the time signature.

Louvel sums up her abstract re-envisioning of the track using the words of Apollinaire: “Toujours Nous irons plus loin sans avancer jamais” [Translation: “We will always go further without ever really moving forward”].

5. Denton (lextrical Remix)

The lextrical remix of ‘Denton’ is a case study in minimalist restraint.  It brings new warmth and texture by adding subtle electronic elements to the original acoustic track, without diminishing the melancholy of the piano part, which was written as an étude, an exercise in sustaining melody over several octaves.

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