LOWLY share Kasper Bjørke remix of ‘FIRE’

Late last year Danish-quintet LOWLY released their new EP ‘Sink Way Into Me’ via Bella Union. One of the highlights from this was the single ‘FIRE’, which has been reworked by Danish producerKasper Bjørke who converts the song into a sprawling 7-minute electronic jam.

” I fell in love with “Fire” the very first time I heard it – so when Lowly asked me to do a remix for them, I was more than happy to do it. A challenge for me was working with a song that is not recorded to a precise tempo but I think that’s also a big part of the charm – and that it came out great and has an almost slow ravey feel to it, with the piece of piano that I sampled from the original version.. It’s definitely not a 4 am remix but more of a party starter…”

Sink Way Into Me is out now on Bella Union.