Snowbird share new video for ‘All Wishes Are Ghosts’

Directed by Jamie Stone

On the video Jamie says…

When I first listened to Snowbird’s All Wishes are Ghosts, I immediately thought of an old Icelandic play The Outlaw. Written a century ago by a distant ancestor of mine, Jóhann Sigurjónsson, it’s about two outlaw lovers hiding out in the Icelandic mountains. Something about the beautiful but desolate natural landscape combined with a troubled love story felt right for the song.

On family excursions to Iceland as a child, I remembered being told about how old stories were “locked in the landscape.” I used this idea literally in the video, shooting a modern re-imagining of the play in which the characters catch glimpses in the landscape of scenes from a 1918 film adaptation of the same story (Berg-Ejvind och hans Hustru by Victor Sjöström) allowing the ghosts of the past lovers to affect the fate of our modern day couple.