Introducing Great Ytene…

Bella Union is very pleased to welcome GREAT YTENE (pronounced ‘ee-ten’) to the family. Forming in London in early 2013, crafting sounds between studios, practices spaces and bedrooms they collected tracks for their self-titled debut EP, which will be released on Monday 3rd March on limited edition vinyl.

Great Ytene is actually a six-track, 32-minute voyage, displaying the range of sweeping guitars, gauzy vocals, bird calls and shimmering loops at their command, creating the kind of expansive mystery and imagination at the root of the finest psychedelic music.

Listen to first single ‘Away For Now’ below…

Their name is taken from an ancient term for the New Forest region on England’s south coast, where Leon Diaper (guitar/vox), Lewis Baker (drums), Jorge Stride (bass) and Tom Baker (guitar) all grew up. In summer 2013, Great Ytene released the single ‘Happy Scenes’ on their own Marshall Teller Records imprint, which secured a Guardian ‘New Band Of The Day slot. The track, “jangles and fuzzes, with a descending guitar-line that is very Byrds and a Floydish patina of strange…highly accomplished for a debut… sheer hazy glory,” while describing B-side ‘Memo’ as, “seven minutes and two seconds of psych wondrousness and slow-motion spaciness.”

The single anticipated the mood and feeling of the EP, produced, in two parts, first by Rory Atwell (Test Icicles) and then Iggy B (Money, Snowbird), which captures the band exploring their full patina of strange after playing shows with the likes of Amen Dunes, Echo Lake, Jackson Scott and Cheatahs. The EP never settles for one uniform sound while echoing various vintage eras of psychedelia, from the Byrds/Pink Floyd models of the Sixties through Eighties ‘Paisley Underground’ champions Rain Parade, Nineties shoegazers Slowdive and contemporary foragers Deerhunter and Toy. Traversing through the warped pop majesty of ‘Away For Now’ and ‘Witch, through to the EP’s twin closing six-minute epics ‘Unknowing’ and ‘Suburban Lights’, it’s clear that Great Ytene are have the widescreen vision and haunting beauty to join such illustrious company.