Introducing… Mt. Royal

Mt. Royal

Mt. Royal is a new group, founded November 2012, from Baltimore, Maryland.

The band comprises of Katrina Ford (vocals), Ed Harris (bass), Matt Pierce, (keys), Woody Ranere (guitar) and Mike Lowry (drums). Katrina is best-known as the vocalist of Celebration, leading lights of Baltimore’s music scene. To describe Mt. Royal’s music it is easiest to explain that their contrasting elements work together for the sake of a common purpose. Their aesthetics and melodies appear to have a friendly pop leaning tailor-made for a broad audience, with a consistent undercurrent of attitude from the rhythm section and Ford’s emotive, powerful delivery and sweeping, surging arrangements that provide some unexpected twists while retaining the clear focus of each song. The end result reconciles the most fundamental elements of intoxicating, heart-driven music. Mt. Royal has the charged ambition and scope of vintage psychedelia whilst always utilising the eclectic sonic palette of the modern world.

The lead track from the band’s debut self-tilted EP is ‘Missing Reward’, the brilliant video of which can be viewed here:

“The idea for creating the video for Missing Reward was to connect the viewer directly with Katrina. To create an otherworldy, beautiful aesthetic we knew we could call upon our friend Laura Germida to direct and create the environment for Katrina to perform. She recruited John Mcgarity for the camera work and Tiffany Mcgarity to produce while our friend Mike Storey helped as assistant director” – Ed Harris, Mt. Royal

The Mt. Royal EP will be released 27th January 2014 on Bella Union.

Mt. Royal EP tracklisting:

1. Missing Reward
2. Black Thorn
3. More
4. Yes Your Majesty
5. Mockingbird
6. What’s On My Grave?