The Flaming Lips and Horse Thief take on each others’ songs

A kind of Bella Union & Oklahoma love-in took place recently with OKC veterans The Flaming Lips and their younger label buddies Horse Thief deciding to cover each others songs. The Flaming Lips took on ‘I Am The Bear’ from the wonderful new Horse Thief EP Grow Deep, Grow Wild, while Horse Thief provide an excellent rendition of the Lips’ The Terror highlight ‘Try To Explain’…

You can listen to both of these below:

Listen to Try To Explain by Horse Thief
Listen to I Am The Bear by The Flaming Lips

Horse Thief’s Grow Deep, Grow Wild and The Flaming Lips’ The Terror were released on Monday 1st April on Bella Union (all ties in together nicely).

Buy Horse Thief here and The Flaming Lips here.