The Belle Game // debut single on limited edition 7″ vinyl on Bella Union

Bella Union is pleased to announce a new liaison with The Belle Game. In tandem with Vancouver-based label Boompa Records, Bella Union will be releasing two new songs by the band – Wait Up For You and Wasted Light – on limited edition 7″ vinyl on Monday 21st January, 2013.

Led by the hypnotic vocals of Andrea Lo, The Belle Game take intricate guitar and keyboard lines anchored by dark pop rhythms, and weave them into gorgeous, graceful melodies whilst retaining the rawness of a boozy confessional.

The Belle Game – Wait Up For You by Bella Union

Their debut full-length album ‘Ritual Tradition Habit’ will follow next spring.

The Belle Game are Adam Nanji, Katrina Jones, Andrea Lo, Alex Andrew and Rob Chursinoff.