Walk Away Renee to premiere at End of the Road

The new film by Jonathan Caouette is set to premiere in the cinema tent at End of the Road on August 31st, as part of the Bella Union takeover day.

Our very own Simon Raymonde acted as music supervisor for the film, which has been showed at the Cannes and Moscow film festivals. So if you can spare 90 minutes on August 31st or need a little sit down and a rest from running around watching (all the best) bands, then may we suggest you spend it in the cinema tent?


Picking up where his trailblazing, internationally celebrated, first-person fever dream TARNATION left off, director Jonathan Caouette returns with WALK AWAY RENEE, a bold, brave, and emotionally potent documentary reverie.

Caouette embarks on a road trip to move his mentally ill mother Renee from Texas to New York, a journey that both tightens and tests their familial bond. As they encounter roadblocks in the present, the film flashes back to moments from the past, giving us insight into this anything-but-ordinary mother/son relationship, and bringing us up to speed on the heart-rending events that led up to the road trip.

While Renee fights to maintain a grip on reality, Jonathan is faced with impossible decisions that pit sanity against mortality, familial devotion and personal survival. Through candid home movies, split-screen verité, musical montage, hallucinatory psychedelia, and dramas both actual and imagined, the film raises questions about love, sacrifice, and the slippery instability of consciousness.