Beach House launch Depression Cherry lyrics website

To accompany the great success of their new album Depression Cherry, Beach House have launched a new website with lyric sheets for each track. As well as this, the band have now sold out their second Shepherds Bush Empire show! See here for further dates.

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Critical acclaim for Depression Cherry:

“Where most artists write songs that channel one feeling or emotional journey, Beach House build multiple mood layers into each track… Legrand’s voice is a gorgeous vapour trail, looping through the air and evaporating into the blue… These are songs that soak into you.”

The Telegraph – 5 Stars ***** (Album Of The Week)

“The Baltimore pair return to a sparser template with their graceful, nuanced fifth. By reducing the scope and rediscovering the value of nuance, Beach House end up sounding bigger and better than ever before.”

Uncut – 8/10

“A record on which every subtle chord shift and breathy sigh feels considered. By pairing down the drums and allowing themselves to play more quietly, the Baltimore duo somehow increase their impressive ability to sound like they’re whispering each song directly into your eardrum.”

The Guardian – 4 Stars ****

“As a dreamy mood-setter the nine songs work a treat… Beautiful, melancholy, meditative.”

Evening Standard – 4 Stars ****

“Luxuriant, ethereal, gauzy, intense, exquisite… The voice of Victoria Legrand suspended inside an artful matrix of hypnotic organ, guitar and slowly ticking percussion.”

Mail On Sunday – 4 Stars ****

“Fans will be spellbound… Depression Cherry pulls off the rare trick of stripping the duo’s sound back and embracing simplicity, while actually sounding more sophisticated and accomplished than their previous work.”

Record Collector – 4 Stars ****

“Yet again, Beach House make sadness sound endlessly alluring.”

Crack – 17/20

“Legrand and Scally have returned to the very basic machine patterns of their earliest records. The album standout is ’10:37′, with layered and chopped-up backing vocals that gently suggest Brian Wilson and R&B… If Depression Cherry suggests they are stuck in a groove, its a groove that is worth wallowing in.”

The Observer (Album of the Week)

“While the rooms got big, the songs have stayed tight, focused and fashioned from the most precious natural materials: haunting melody, heartbreaking harmony, ethereal choruses. There’s a subtlety with these songs that make this their finest record to date.”


Watch John Grant’s new video for single ‘Disappointing’

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With the release of his hugely-anticipated third album Grey Tickles, Black Pressure just a month away on 9th October, JOHN GRANT has premiered the video to new single ‘Disappointing‘ over at Noisey, which features Tracey Thorn on guest vocals. The video is directed by David Wilson who received a Grammy nomination for his work on Arcade Fire’s We Exist and recently collaborated with Tame Impala for their Let It Happen video.

Of the video David Wilson says:

When John sent me the track I loved how it read like a “these are a few of my favourite things” list. When describing the track to friends I loved hearing their reaction (usually laughter) to my explanation that it’s the most beautiful love song, and it’s called ‘Disappointing’. There was left-field humour there right from the start. The idea for the promo came very clearly to me. I pitched the idea of John being surrounded by men and objects that would be temptations or distractions from a monogamous relationship. This concept then developed into the camera becoming distracted by these temptations, and for John to be stead-fast: addressing the viewer, often appearing, as if by magic at the beginning and end of long, flowing camera moves. It’s been fun to treat the camera as an entity in itself: not quite a person, more a point-of-view that continually veers away from John and go down a rabbit hole of a gay sauna. 

Oh, and the hedgehog cakes!? John wanted an inclusion of this animal in some way, so I decided to have the hedgehog be represented in the form of multiple cakes. Kinda like a birthday or a celebration. An additional ‘favourite thing’ that’s ‘disappointing compared to you’.

Grey Tickles, Black Pressure, recorded in Dallas with producer John Congleton (St Vincent, Franz Ferdinand), refines and entwines the two principal strands of Grant’s musical DNA, namely the sumptuous tempered ballad and the taut, fizzing electronic pop song. There are newer musical accomplishments across its panoply of towering sound, like the title track’s new steely demeanour, while the ominous drama of “Black Blizzard” echoes both John Carpenter and Bernard ‘Black Devil Disco Club’ Fevre’s beautiful and icy synthscapes. The contagious, gleeful “You And Him” marries buzzing rock with a squelchy electronic undertow, while orchestral drama swathes the bad-dreamy “Global Warming” and the album’s gorgeously aching widescreen finale “Geraldine”. John recently released a NSFW (or at least not for the squeamish!) album trailer featuring the title track which can be viewed HERE.

Grey Tickles, Black Pressure will be released 9th October on Bella Union.

John Grant European tour dates:

Thursday 5 November – REYKJAVIK – Eldborg Harpa

Friday 6 November – REYKJAVIK – Eldborg Harpa

Monday 9 November – DUBLIN – Vicar Street

Tuesday 10 November – DUBLIN – Vicar Street

Thursday 12 November – LONDON – Hammersmith Apollo

Friday 13 November – BRIGHTON – Dome

Sunday 15 November – PARIS – La Cigale

Thursday 17 November – BRUSSELS – Botanique 

Wednesday 18 November – AMSTERDAM – Melkweg

Friday 20 November – LUXEMBOURG – Den Atelier

Saturday 21 November – ZURICH – Kaufleuten

Sunday 22 November – MILAN – Fabrique

Tuesday 24 November – COLOGNE – Buergerhaus Stollwerck

Wednesday 25 November – HAMBURG – Uebel & Gefahrlich

Thursday 26 November – BERLIN – Postbahnof

Saturday 28 November – AARHUS – Voxhall

Sunday 29 November – COPENHAGEN – Store Vega

Tuesday 1 December – GOTHENBURG – Pustervik

Wednesday 2 December – STOCKHOLM – Sodra Teatern 

Friday 4 December – OSLO – Cosmopolite 

Saturday 5 December – BERGEN – Logen

Sunday 6 December – STAVANGER – Zetlitz

Watch: Landshapes – Submarine + band announce US tour dates

Watch the new video below and catch the band on tour this October!

Tour Dates:

Oct 8 – Subterranean – Chicago, IL
Oct 9 – The Garrison – Toronto, ON
Oct 10 -Bar Le Ritz PDB – Montreal, QC
Oct 13 – The Wind Up Space – Baltimore, MD
Oct 14 – CMJ – NY
Oct 15 – CMJ – NY
Oct 16 – The Livingroom – Brooklyn, NY
Oct 17 – Rockwood Music Hall – New York, NY
Oct 20 – Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
Oct 21 – DC9 – Washington, DC
Oct 23 – The Media Club – Vancouver, BC
Oct 24 – The Vera Project – Seattle, WA
Oct 26 – Leo’s – Oakland, CA
Oct 27 – Bootleg Theater – Los Angeles, CA

MERCURY REV unveil video to “Are You Ready?” from the new album “The Light In You”

With the release of their new album The Light In You just a month away on 2nd October, MERCURY REV have today unveiled a visually arresting video to “Are You Ready?“, the band’s next single. Directed by regular Bella Union-collaborator Alex Southam, the video is a cinematic and psychedelic depiction of a young woman’s dreamscapes where the lines between reality and fantasy have become blurred. Set midst the backdrop of neon flecked city lights we follow our heroine as she drifts in and out of lucid thought, lost in the music and the “jukebox glow”.

Mercury Rev UK and Ireland live dates below:

Sunday 4th October – LEEDS – Brudenell Social Club

Monday 5th October – BRISTOL – Trinity

Tuesday 17th November – BRIGHTON – Komedia

Thursday 19th November – GATESHEAD – The Sage

Friday 20th November – GLASGOW – Art School

Sunday 22th November– DUBLIN – Button Factory

Monday 23th November – MANCHESTER – RNCM

Tuesday 24th November – LONDON – Oval Space

The Light In You will be released worldwide 2nd October via Bella Union. Album artwork below:


Lanterns On The Lake announce third album ‘Beings’ to be released 13th November 2015

Two years on from the critically acclaimed Until The Colours RunLanterns On The Lake return with their third full-length record Beings, released 13th November on Bella Union and available now to pre-order via iTunes. It marks another leap in the band’s development as they expand their range, pushing the envelope of their signature atmospheric rock and scaling new heights of absorbing song-craft. The band have unveiled a track from the LP entitled ‘Faultlines’ which is streaming HERE and announced a 6-date UK tour:

Sunday 29th November – CARDIFF – The Globe tickets

Monday 30th November – BRIGHTON – The Haunt tickets

Tuesday 1st December – LONDON – Moth Club tickets

Wednesday 2nd December – MANCHESTER – Ruby Lounge tickets

Thursday 3rd December – LEEDS – Brudenell Social Club tickets

Friday 4th December – GLASGOW – King Tuts tickets

Work on Beings began in February 2014, hard on the heels of successful tours of Europe and North America. It proved to be a productive period. “The ideas came effortlessly and in abundance,” vocalist Hazel Wilde says of the writing process. “At first we had no expectations, no prescribed ideas of how we wanted the songs to turn out. We were just writing and playing together because that’s what we’d always done.”

This was made possible by their setup, working in splendid isolation; writing, rehearsing and recording in their Newcastle rehearsal room meant the results were undiluted by outside influence. Imaginatively produced and mixed by guitarist Paul Gregory, it’s also his experience that helped yield such compelling results. This allows Beings to move seamlessly from airy, chiming beauty to dense, forbidding soundscapes – sometimes in the same song – while still feeling like the product of a cohesive unit, retaining the band’s spark. “We wanted it to be more raw,” Wilde says of the record. “At its darkest points, we wanted it to feel like you’d dived into the deepest part our dreams and were taking a look around. At its lightest we wanted it to feel like you were coming up for air.”

Opening song ‘Of Dust and Matter’ strikes just such a balance. The band’s most sinister moment yet, it prowls out of a burble of radio static and feedback, propelled by ominous piano chords as its menacing pulse builds to a tumbling climax of almost discordant, warped guitar parts and the fractured drumming of Ol Ketteringham. “In my greatness I vowed to destroy all I am,” Wilde sings. “It brings out the best in me.”

It’s an interesting early lyric, and it soon becomes apparent that this is a braver, more headstrong Lanterns on the Lake, a band now less about floating on water than racing across land, eager and with points to prove. Often their melancholy necessarily turns to action. “Fractured lives like faultlines, unto the breach my friends if you will” is Wilde’s call to arms on ‘Faultlines’, a critique of austerity, as the band turn in a cavalry charge with her voice as the clarion call.

Wilde’s lyrics also shudder with evocative and often surprisingly dark imagery in songs that attempt to understand the world around her, built from charged moments of universal insight. “There is a sense of the need to connect to something; the need to find meaning,” she says of the material. “There’s such frustrating injustice in the world, yet this feels like a time of disconnection where we’re encouraged to celebrate the shallow side of culture. This record carries that sense of yearning for something greater.”

This gives Beings immediacy, depth and resonance as it touches on community, love, culture, politics and self-examination, and our own place and limitations within each. “I want to walk with the brave, give me a good day, I want to feel human” Wilde sings on the graceful ‘I’ll Stall Them’, exploring the importance of connection, kinship and reconciliation.

Beings is the engrossing product of a band operating in total harmony to the point where their music creates its own idiosyncratic world whilst also distilling outside concerns into it. The horizons open to Lanterns on the Lake are now as broad as the sweep of these beautiful songs.



Beings is released 13th November on Bella Union. Album artwork, new photo and tracklisting below:

BEINGS – Tracklisting:

1. Of Dust & Matter

2. I’ll Stall Them

3. Faultlines

4. The Crawl

5. Send Me Home

6. Through the Cellar Door

7. Beings

8. Stepping Down

9. Stuck For An Outline

10. Inkblot

Watch: Ezra Furman – Lousy Connection

Watch the new video for Lousy Connection by Ezra Furman! It is EGGY.

Lousy Connection by Ezra Furman, from Perpetual Motion People. Released 2015 on Bella Union.


Directed by Anika Mottershaw & Kimberly Arms
Produced by Kimberly Arms
Edited by Charlie Denholm, Anika Mottershaw & Kimberly Arms
Filmed by Thom Hoffman, Simon Kay & Anika Mottershaw
Lighting by Callum Sadler