Feline Friday #8

Feline Friday
by Luisa Gerstein


When I turned fifteen my mum got me a shoebox.  She put it on the kitchen table, and ushered in my entire family before I was allowed to open it.  I thought this was strange as I hadn’t asked for trainers (a Fila box it was I think), I didn’t even like trainers, especially not new ones, but I made a little gasp nonetheless and stepped forwards whilst they all watched, braced.

To my surprise there were not two shiny white trainers, but four shiny eyes, two pairs of ears, and lots of whiskers – so I made a much bigger gasp, a scream in fact, and jumped around a lot whilst they tried to make themselves as small as you can get, if you’re one of two kittens in a shoebox.

I know you’re not meant to have favourites, but Lily (left), chose me more or less.  She followed me everywhere, was always by the door when I got home, always slept on my bed, her bed, and brought me gifts which she faithfully left on my bedroom floor, even though I told her I didn’t want them.  Tiger (right) wasn’t too interested.  He rarely ventured out of the kitchen, except to go on holiday every so often for days at a time, returning plump and proud – we think he found a sausage factory.

Lily on the other hand never went on holiday, so when she disappeared one day about a year ago I got very worried.  She never came back and I’ll never know what happened, but if cats get nine lives, can them sometimes reappear in the bodies of their siblings?  Sort of?  Now when I go home, Tiger goes mental ’til I let him sit on my lap.  He follows me everywhere, he sits and talks to me when I take a bath, sleeps on my bed, and when I took him for a holiday to my new home, he made sure to bring me a little gift before he left – what a man.

Beach House announce Roundhouse show

Friday 2nd November // Beach House // The Roundhouse, London

As ever – you snooze, you lose! After mere hours of being on sale Beach House sold out May dates at Village Underground and Brighton’s Haunt last week. But fear not – the band will perform at The Roundhouse this November. Snap tickets up now.

Tickets will go on sale at noon on Friday, though for exclusive pre-sale tickets visit the Beach House website tomorrow.

M Ward / Sad Sad Song / Rolling Stone

From Rolling Stone dot com –

Portland folk hero M. Ward visited the Spotify House during SXSW Monday for an intimate performance of “Sad Sad Song,” and also spoke to Rolling Stone about uncovering blues greats via The Beatles, the great days of radio in his native L.A., being a creative vagabond for his new album, Wasteland Companion and what he learns from collaborations with She and Him and the Monsters of Folk.


No Direction Home (Sherwood Forest)

The No Direction Home lineup is shaping up to be quite fantastic; and, frankly, we wouldn’t expect anything less from the folks behind End of the Road festival.

Bella is well represented, and in the latest raft of added bands, Father John Misty joins the likes of The Low Anthem, Dirty Three, Andrew Bird, Lanterns on the Lake and Veronica Falls.

The festival takes place in Sherwood Forest, so don your green tights and buy a ticket.

The Walkmen take on U2

From The Walkmen’s website:

Hi everyone. Our album is finally done and we’re thrilled with it. We can’t wait to get it out there.

To celebrate the huge amount of hard work that went into it, we’re sharing this embarrassing recording of a spontaneous outburst of frustration that occurred during the very rigorous sessions. It’s our way of blowing off steam I guess. Please forgive us. Producer Phil Ek recorded it on the sly actually.

None of us really remembered it until the last day of mixing when Phil–who by that point had also lost his mind–sat down and patiently mixed it. Enjoy.

Go listen!

Here is an old photo of U2, incase you have either a) forgotten what Young Bono looked like or b) have never seen Young Bono: