A sandwich.

Our friend Jen Long has written us another sandwich. I had to wait until we had a couple of ‘sensible’ posts in the blog, between Feline Friday and the sandwich; so the blog is not 100% cats and sandwiches. Anyway, without further ado:


I’d like to start by apologising for not posting any sandwiches in a while. Irrelevant issues such as money, jobs, and relationships distracted me and I lost sight of the one important aspect of life – the sandwich. I meant to write about this aaaages ago. It was one of those meals that stay with you forever. I really need to make it again.

My housemates, Jim and Polly got married. They walked down the aisle to Girls track Vomit. How sick is that? Anyway, they had loads of cheese at their wedding and ended up bringing home this massive Brie wheel that needed eating. I helped out with this a lot.

I also looked after their cats while they were away doing that whole marriage thing, so they bought me some fancy beetroot bread to say thank you. This is the post-wedding sandwich I then made.

Beetroot bread, spread, Brie, rocket, and tomato… It was ten out of ten just to look at. God, it tasted so good.