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From NPR:

Jonathan Wilson is practically overflowing with music, if his debut album Gentle Spirit is any indication. The album runs 78 minutes, with several songs spanning more than six minutes. That’s a lot of material for a debut, but Wilson is no newbie — he’s worked with the likes of Elvis Costello, Robbie Robertson and Jackson Browne.

Gentle Spirit got its start in Laurel Canyon, the famous L.A. mecca for folk, and Wilson’s efforts to re-create the classic canyon sound fill the record. The album was written in between performances, on the road, and with a conscious effort to capture a “dreary day in the canyon,” as Wilson put it. The result is a mesmerizing slice of dreamy pop which also incorporates country and rock ‘n’ roll. Wilson carefully focuses on the instrumentation, often using his voice as a quiet piece of his compositions.

Veronica Falls // new track ‘My Heart Beats’

Veronica Falls have shared new jam ‘My Heart Beats’. Recorded with Rory Brattwell on a freezing boat on the Thames last week, it is beautiful, soaring, anthemic, propulsive but, as is always the way with Veronica Falls, packs a dark punch at its heart. It represents a tantalising taste of things to come for the band, as it is the first preview of brand new recordings since the debut.

Veronica Falls – My Heart Beats by Bella Union

Catch ‘em live this March ::

8 – Leaf, Liverpool
9 – Deaf Institute, Manchester
10 – Stereo, Glasgow
11 – Stereo, York
13 – Haunt, Brighton
14 – Scala, London

Bella Union’s 15th Birthday x End of the Road

2012 sees Bella Union reach the grand old age of 15… To celebrate this particular milestone we have various activities being planned, foremost of which will be curating and hosting our own Bella Union day at this year’s End Of The Road festival on Friday 31st August.

The line-up is by no means finalised as yet, but many of our finest acts have already been confirmed to appear, all of whom collectively showcase the eclectic musical taste of what has over past 15 years become one of the UK’s best-loved and most celebrated labels. Acts appearing on the 31st August include the below:

Alessi’s Ark : Beach House : Cashier No. 9 : Dirty Three : Hannah Cohen : I Break Horses : John Grant : Jonathan Wilson : Lanterns On The Lake : The Low Anthem : Midlake : Mountain Man : Our Broken Garden : Roy Harper : Veronica Falls

A few words from Bella Union’s founder and label boss Simon Raymonde on celebrating our 15th Anniversary with the End Of The Road festival:

“Bella Union and End of The Road Festival have so much in common, most notably our taste in bands, and having had several bands over the last 5 years who have headlined there, like Fleet Foxes, Explosions In The Sky, and Midlake, all of whom loved every minute, it seemed that when discussing what we should do for our 15th Anniversary a conversation with them was a good starting point. The outcome is something very special and this will be the pinnacle of our anniversary celebrations throughout 2012.”

More acts will be announced soon!

Xiu Xiu :: pronounciation

 How do you say ‘Xiu Xiu’?

Xiu Xiu are one of a few bands who get their band name chronically mispronounced. Other members of the Mispronounced Band Names Club include Bjork, Sufjan, Jonsi, Austra, Bon Iver….

Xiu Xiu mispronunciations include: Jew-Jew, Shwee-Shwee, Zeeoo-Zeeoo, Queue-Queue, Zoo-Zoo.

Listen to Jamie tell it how it is -


Feline Friday #2

by Jamie Stewart

My niece drew me a picture of a snowman in hell for Christmas. My nephew drew me a picture of a zombie vs. “himself” but the “himself” part would not fit in the frame so it is now just zombie VS.

Beneath this art is Nurse (in white) and Calvin (in black).

I got Nurse from an animal shelter and she was very sick. Her original name was Samurai but everyday for a month having to swab the ooze from her eyes and ears naturally transformed her. Her color helped as well. She is very odd and sweet. Her tail shudders like crazy when you brush her and she likes almonds.

Calvin came from the same shelter 6 months before. It looks like has one eye. Would you like him more if he has one eye? If so, he lost his eye saving me from a rapist. He is very big and sits on my outstretched legs every night when I am reading. My legs go numb from his weight but he is too cuddly to shove off. He just chirps, no meows.