ELECTRIC WÜRMS – ‘Musik, Die Schwer Zu Twerk’

Bella Union are thrilled to introduce ELECTRIC WÜRMS, the new side-project Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd, whose debut abum Musik, Die Schwer Zu Twerk will be released 18th August.

Click HERE to hear ‘Heart of the Sunrise’

It all began in the 70s when someone invented the right kind of acid that could make you fly! It seemed that everything was, at last, possible. And the overly optimistic freaks of the day began flying into outer space. They flew in spaceships that were, at first, made of futuristic super metal but before too long they didn’t even NEED ships. They BECAME the ships and they called themselves Electric Würms. I think because they became just bolts of electrified electricity that could penetrate wormholes in the far reaches of the unknown heaven.

And before they died they sent back to earth beings a sonic bible of discoveries and failures. It  was, until now, a strange unsolvable mystery of frequencies and rhythms. Two groups of determined musicians and weirdo thinkers set forth to decipher its message. Two members of The Flaming Lips (Steven and Wayne) and four members of Linear Downfall (Charlee, Chance, Doom and Will) were the chosen ones.

What you have is the first of what could be endless communicated sound stories. It is titled Musik, Die Schwer Zu Twerk, which predicted this modern day dance move by almost forty years ago. Some of it is indeed hard to twerk to but some of it, if I could do it, is not. There is a particular track called Transform!!! that closely resembles a drug fuelled boogie freak rock track by Miles Davis. Another verse Heart Of The Sunrise sounds vaguely like a song by the prog folk group Yes. Of course Yes also turned themselves into space ships so it’s no wonder these songs share a similar vibe.

The ensemble leans toward a hypnotic mood for most of the space bible readings. It is a scary truth that we are hearing and then forced to ponder. The pulsating poem Living states… “live as if you were living already for the second time. And that you had acted wrong the first time”. So they call themselves Electric Würms after the greatest of the super freaks. But they are not a super-group. They are like Sherpas climbing with you. To help you. To love you. All the secrets that they know they tell you. That’s what love is.

Electric Würms will be visiting the UK late summer to perform at the End Of The Road festival followed by a headline show at the Village Underground. Dates/info below:

Sunday 31 August – DORSET – End Of The Road festival
Monday 1 September – LONDON – Village Underground

Musik, Die Schwer Zu Twerk will be released 18th August on Bella Union in the UK/Europe (19th August on  Warner Bros in the US).

Bella Union welcome CELEBRATION to the family // Albumin out August 18th

Living legends on Baltimore’s thriving music scene, Celebration return with Albumin, a seismic slice of psychedelic rock’n’soul, which will be released 18th August on Bella Union.

The first single to be released from the abum is ‘Tomorrow’s Here Today’, the extraordiary video of which features a troop of interpretive dancers doused in black powder and paint resembling arty alien ninjas. Directed by Matt Riggieri at Digital Cave Media and currently premiering on Stereogum the video can be viewed here:

Albumin is the band’s first album since 2010’s acclaimed Electric Tarot: Hello Paradise, and their first for Bella Union, initiating a new chapter in a story marked by triumph and disaster, struggle and redemption. Albumin is also Celebration’s finest record to date, the album the quintet has been leading up to. From the anthemic opener ‘Razor’s Edge’ to the pop levity of ‘Tomorrow’s Here Today’ and the shape-shifting centrepiece ‘I Got Sol’, these are their strongest melodies, most dynamic arrangements and singer Katrina Ford’s most impassioned incantations, drawing on years of studio know-how and emotional ballast.

“It’s been a long journey,” recalls Ford, who with multi-instrumentalist (and husband) Sean Antanaitis and drummer David Bergander, formed Celebration in 2004. “We’ve all experienced a lot of life, toured a whole lot, had our ups and downs, and the music reflects that. It goes deeper now.”

Clearly something in Baltimore’s water supply has a slowly seeping effect. Following the recent breakthrough by another local favourite, Future Islands, it’s now Celebration’s turn to carry the torch for bands that only improve with age. This is partly down to the permanent addition of former collaborators Tony Drummond (keyboards, percussion, backing vocals) and Walker Teret (bass, guitar), whose creative input has had a galvanising impact on Albumin’s sweltering grooves. It’s a record that revels in tradition, such as the Sixties girl-group swing of ‘Blood Is The Brine’ and the southern rock base of ‘I Got Sol’, while the album’s spread of fabulously funky-chunky organ is a hallmark of vintage psychedelia, but the music’s art-punk ambition makes Celebration a distinctly 21st century entity.

Pre-order the album in our store.

Albumin will be released 18th August on Bella Union.

Watch: Arc Iris – Lost On Me

Following a successful debut tour on these shores and much acclaim for her new album, Jocie Adams’ ARC IRIS have unveiled a rather beautiful new video for one of the albums highlights ‘Lost On Me’.

Filmed directly onto 16mm black & white film by Robert Houlihan on a freezing day in Providence, Rhode Island, the video’s choreography floats perfectly with the song.

From Jocie…

“Providence is a beautiful place where people are willing to make art for the sake of making art. There aren’t many places or people left with this amount of passion or ambition. I feel very blessed to know all of the guys involved in making this video happen and to be involved in such and active and wonderful community.”