Happy Release Day, Bernard + Edith!

JEM by Bernard + Edith is out now!
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Everyone at the label would like to wish the warmest release day salutations to Bernard + Edith!


Jem tracklisting:
1. Wurds
2. Dagger
3. Crocodile
4. Tidal Wave
5. Jem
6. China
7. Heartache
8. Poppy
9. I Will Be
10. Rosemary
11. Underwater
12. Girls Night Out
13. Young Woman

Fellow Manchester-based artist Jamie Lee of the band MONEY has penned the below idiosyncratic bio-cum-tribute to Bernard + Edith:

“Perhaps Bernard and Edith would think that what I’m about to say is going too far. But I remember drinking with vocalist Edith in a bar in Manchester and talking about how her and Bernard come to creating their songs. Edith observed: “Rather than say ‘let’s go out’ or ‘let’s watch TV’ I say, ‘should we make a cheeky song?’ And he says ‘Alright then’.” And that laughter I’ve come to know so well erupts from her maniacally, childishly, freely.

Edith’s singing style reminds me of the kind of emancipatory freedom of the modern American school of writing. Her melodies are uninhibited by traditional rules of structure – she moves where and when she feels the impulse to; and knowing the woman behind the voice I see that the impulse in her can be as chaotic as it is beguiling. She is like a bouquet balanced precariously on the edge of a table unsure of whether it will fall and break – hinged between extreme goodness and feeling on the one hand and on the other, chaos and perhaps even madness. Lyrically, again, the comparison is relevant: “cos poppy says she loves me and I’m feeling right” is as naked, unpretentious and brave as the revolutionary poet Robert Lowell’s assertion; “why not say what happened?” that triggered his confessional movement producing and influencing writers from Sylvia Plath to Anne Sexton – a place where the uncompromisingly personal and high-art met in the middle. This applies to Bernard and Edith too. A place explored by Daniel Johnston and Arthur Russell – it is the artful balance between a highly private expression and having the skill and intelligence to communicate that to the world. It is testing the limits of what a person can say within their art but  also lends a universality to their language and style. Having mentioned these artists, there is clearly a strongly cathartic drive to why Bernard and Edith even exist at all – it is art being made for the right reasons – for the love of it! It is esoteric but never indulgent, original but not reactionary or avant-garde, otherworldly but unpretentious.

It is my belief that whatever art is, it is the direct opposite of whatever money is. It is made by the maker to save oneself briefly from the inevitable and in doing so (where the craft comes in) may end up saving other people briefly too. Bernard + Edith make their music from home and (I cannot help but feel) predominantly for each other – a kind of covenant to their particular and special bond.”

Watch: Landshapes – Ader

Noisey & Urban Outfitters have premiered the new video for Ader, from Heyoon – released this week on Bella Union. Directed by David Graham, you can watch it now below…

Catch the band live:

Thu May 7 – XOYO, London (w/Stealing Sheep)
Thu May 14 – Banquet Records, Kingston (FREE INSTORE 6pm)
Thu May 14 – New Slang, Kingston (w/Summer Camp)
Fri May 15 – Bush Hall, London (w/ She Keeps Bees)
Sat May 16 – The Great Escape 2015, Brighton UK
Fri May 29 – Wychwood Festival, Cheltenham UK
Sat Jun 6 – Nacht van Kunst & Wetenschap, Groningen NL
Wed Jul 1 – Sommerloft Festival @ //:about blank, Berlin DE
Thu Jul 2 – Sommermolotow @ Molotow Bar, Hamburg DE
Sun Aug 23 – Green Man 2015, Brecon Beacons UK


Introducing MAMMÚT

Bella Union is very pleased to welcome Icelandic-quintet, MAMMÚT, to the family. The new EP River’s End will be released digitally on Monday 1st June.

The band have been playing together since their teens. In this time they have refined a sound that is saturated with heavy energy and sense of melody, something that comes to the fore in their live show, which is known for its intensity.

They recently gained prestige in their native Iceland with their latest album  “Komdu til mín svarta systir” winning the Icelandic Music Award for Best Album and their song ‘Salt’ awarded Best Song of the Year… Mammút is now ready for the rest of the World!

Listen to ‘Salt’ below…

MAMMÚT will play End Of The Road Festival in September

Friday 4th – Sunday 6th September – END OF THE ROAD FESTIVAL, Larmer Tree Gardens

River’s End EP will be released digitally on Monday 1st June via Bella Union.