Jonathan Caouette on the premiere of Walk Away Renee…

One sleep until End of the Road! If you have a chance to swing by the cinema tent you can catch the premiere of the new Jonathan Caouette film Walk Away Renee tomorrow as part of the Bella Union takeover.

A note from the director –

I just wanna say THANK YOU to my mother Renee Leblanc. I also wanna thank the great End Of The Road festival for showing my film. I also wanna shout out and thank everyone who  has helped pull and or prodded, championed, endorsed and helped enable this challenging film.

There are many multitudes of persons I would like to thank but there are simply too many to list, but namely I wanna thank Pierre Paul Puljiz, agnes b Lovestreams, Morgane productions and Wild Bunch in France along with the indefatigable and dear Simon Raymonde, Bella Union, Phil Lawlor, Louise Hammar. With out these last wonderful people I just listed there would simply be a film with no music and I cannot imagine anyone sitting through this story without the music. This is essentially a companion piece and a ultimately a conclusion to my 2004 film Tarnation.