Happy Friday

Happy Friday! This Friday, instead of felines, let’s all take a moment to appreciate how great Kate Bush is. Here are the top 5 videos of Wuthering Heights on Youtube.


#5. Number 5, live in Germany, just cos: LOOK AT ALL THAT FOG!

#4. This version is great because Kate is sat down so she can devote her full focus to pulling classy and subtle facial expressions.

#3. At number three is a 36 minute slow version of the song. I have listened all the way through and confirm it is 100% amazing. It’s sort of like when you go to a garden center and they have a trashy tower of bird song and waterfall sounds which kids will jam their grubby fingers at to cause a jarring un-zen mess; except 36 mins of slow Wuthering Heights IS zen!!

#2. This one is good if you want to focus on the dance moves. And let’s face it, what’s the point in being alive if you don’t know the dance to Wuthering Heights?

  #1. The number one spot has to go to the red dress version out on a misty moor.