Feline Friday #7

Feline Friday
by Hannah Cohen

Here are my two god daughters Nikki and Honey.

This summer I spent a month with these girls while their mom was away at a film directing workshop. Coincidentally, I had just had a BAD BREAKUP and needed a place to stay. As everyone knows, when you’re going through a hard time, you need a close eye kept on you and Nikki and Honey were perfect for the job. They made sure that I was okay and they were there for me when I needed someone to talk to.

We spent our days lying in bed, watching movies and then falling asleep halfway through. We rummaged through the freezer together, searching for their mom’s secret stash of gluten free ice cream sandwiches and then we would nap some more. They knew a lot about rummaging from their feral days on the streets of Rego Park, Queens (their adoptive mother Lily found them on the website www.savekitty.org).

Here are their kitten pictures:

Honey has the most beautiful mackerel coat and a coffee ice cream colored tummy which she *loves* having rubbed. Nikki looks like she eats ice cream (but doesn’t). Weighing in at a voluptuous 16 pounds, she holds her weight beautifully.


Hannah’s manager Foye’s former roommate: