Feline Friday #6

by Jen Long

This is Baris. He’s not actually my cat – he belongs to my housemates Jim and Polly. They have two cats in fact, brothers Aki and Baris. Aki is kind of fat and angry though so let’s concentrate on Baris.


Baris really likes to sit on my bed. He has this feline sixth sense and knows exactly when I’m home and sits outside my door meowing. Then he rolls all over the bed with his paws in the air until you rub his tummy. He also does this weird dance thing with his paws where he flexes them right, then left, then right.

Usually he will fall asleep sitting on top of my rucksack at around midnight and look really annoyed because the light is still on and do that thing cats do when they cover their eyes with their arms and it’s really adorable.

Then he will wake up at about 5am and try to sit on my head and wake me up and chase his tail around until I kick him out.

Then he’ll come back at 8am and wake me up again.

I love you, Baris.