Feline Friday #2

by Jamie Stewart

My niece drew me a picture of a snowman in hell for Christmas. My nephew drew me a picture of a zombie vs. “himself” but the “himself” part would not fit in the frame so it is now just zombie VS.

Beneath this art is Nurse (in white) and Calvin (in black).

I got Nurse from an animal shelter and she was very sick. Her original name was Samurai but everyday for a month having to swab the ooze from her eyes and ears naturally transformed her. Her color helped as well. She is very odd and sweet. Her tail shudders like crazy when you brush her and she likes almonds.

Calvin came from the same shelter 6 months before. It looks like has one eye. Would you like him more if he has one eye? If so, he lost his eye saving me from a rapist. He is very big and sits on my outstretched legs every night when I am reading. My legs go numb from his weight but he is too cuddly to shove off. He just chirps, no meows.